8 Best Tent Cleaners Available To Buy TODAY! (2024)

Cleaning your tent correctly is essential to ensuring that it stays in good condition for future camping trips. Tent cleaners aren’t always required but can be incredibly beneficial and are a small price to pay for ensuring that your expensive tent remains in great condition for years to come.

However, with so many tent clearners to choose from it can be hard to decide which one is best. Below, I’ve listed all of the tent cleaners currently available to purchase and compared them across essential features such as bottle size, UV blocking and waterproofing. Not all of these features are essential, it will entirely depend on the type of tent you have and under what conditions you use it.

Brand NameBottle Size (ml)WaterproofingUV BlockingStars (Out of 5)
Grangers500 (x2)YesYes3.8
HLS Supplies5000NoNo5

I have broken down all these tent cleaning brands and more in additional detail below to help you better determine which one is right for you.

Fabsil Tent & Gear Cleaner

This tent cleaner is a best seller on Amazon, and looking at the claims it’s easy to see why. The cleaner is specially formulated to clean all tents, tactical fabrics, and gear easily and quickly.

Furthermore, it promises to clean the fabrics and remove dirt without hindering any future performance. As much as that might seem obvious, consider how many household cleaners are made with quite aggressive chemicals, and you’ll realize how impressive that is.

Impressively, this cleaner also protects the water-repellent coating that is often found on tents and other outdoor equipment. Not all the cleaners on this list have this ability, making it an impressive contender.

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Fenwicks Awning & Tent Cleaner

This is another cleaner that is particularly versatile, and sure to do the job well without damaging your equipment.

This cleaner is designed for use specifically on synthetic and cotton materials, which are, of course, what tents and awnings are made from. The spray promises to easily remove streaks and algae from tents and awnings alike, and it makes a great, simple, budget option.

Grangers Tent & Gear Kit Sports Leisure Synthetic Material Accessories Camping Assorted

This kit really is the whole package for what you’d need when looking after your tent and your gear. Included in the kit are a cleaner and a repellent, allowing you to clean any dirt or grime from your tent before re-sealing the material to be waterproof.

The kit is not just suitable for tents, but it’s also suitable for any amount of outdoor gear. It promises to easily and quickly remove dirt, dust, and stains while also ensuring your equipment remains waterproof.

The impressive array in this key also promises that its use will maintain the breathability of any fabrics in your equipment while maximizing the protection that they offer.

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Nikwax Tent & Gear Cleaner Solar Wash SolarWash UV Protection & Cleaning

This is the only SolarWash spray on our list, and as such, it promises to be very good at it. The spray is a technical cleaner and powerful UV blocker which works on all weatherproof textiles – that list includes cotton, canvas, and synthetic fabrics.

The spray promises to clean effectively and impressively while restoring the water-repellent power of any fabric and increasing its overall strength. Increasing the strength of fabric like this is sure to increase its lifetime, especially when considering how effectively this spray protects against UV deterioration.

This impressive spray is a great option as it is both affordable and effective. Furthermore, it is water-based, entirely non-flammable, and fluorocarbon free. Affordable, efficient, and safe? What’s not to love?

HLS Supplies AT-55 Awning & Tent Cleaner

This option is a great idea if you have a lot of materials and equipment that you want to get clean quickly and efficiently. The five-litre bottle comprises a concentrated formulation that you can dilute to act as an efficient cleaner.

The detergent promises to be a powerful solution for all your tent and awning cleaning needs and will work on most outdoor fabrics. Impressively, not only does this cleaner effectively and efficiently remove algae and moss from outdoor fabrics, but it also prevents the regrowth of these substances.

This is a great option if you have a lot of equipment that you want to clean and protect all in one go. Among all the competitors, it’s a simple, straightforward, and dependable solution to a simple problem.

Awning & Tent Fabric Cleaner Spray For Caravan Motorhome Camping

This bright pink cleaner is a great competitor on this list. In an easy spray bottle, it is 100% biodegradable, while also promising to effectively remove bird droppings, and kill mould and mildew. The cleaner will also make short work of general dirt and grime, while also disposing of more specialist dirt, such as tree sap or salt from sea spray.

This is a great option to go for if you want a simple, one-size-fits-all cleaner that is really easy to use. It’s as simple as spraying the product on, giving the tent a brush, and then rinsing. Easy peasy!

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New Outdoor Life Tent and Outdoor Fabric Cleaner

This is a great budget option and a reliably simple tent cleaner. The worry with a number of products that claim to do it all is that they might not, really, be able to deliver on that.

In this product, you’re getting a simple solution that is sure to efficiently clean any of the equipment you want it to.

It’s worth pointing out that this simple budget option doesn’t have any water-repellent or UV-protection properties, and it’s just a basic cleanser. As such, you may have to buy supplemental products to make sure that your tent is properly sealed and protected.

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Awiwa 41 Awning & Awning Cleaner for Parasols, Tents, Awnings, etc.

This impressive clever has a lot of things in its favour. Firstly, the spray promises to be a powerful and effective cleaner which will easily remove dirt and algae from any outdoor fabric easily. The nature of this cleaning power is different from other entries on this list, however, as it is made up of natural micro-organisms. These micro-organisms work by ingesting any of the bacteria and algae living on your outdoor fabrics and thereby removing them.

This product also makes a claim that no others on this list do: apparently it’s great for use before winter storage. The product can be used on an awning or tent before it’s packed away in the loft for the winter, and, when retrieved, the tent will be fresh and ready to go.

Because this cleaner doesn’t really make use of any powerful or damaging chemicals, it’s also fantastically useful in the long term. Long term usage can actually improve the color intensity of the fabric you’re using while protecting is from stains or any type.

Finally, this spray is very easy to use. Simply remove any coarse dirt with a brush, and then spray the cleaner on the surface and walk away!

As much as we’ve sung the praises on this cleaner in this article, it’s worth reiterating that it doesn’t offer any true UV or water protection. If you’re using an inherently waterproof fabric, then you shouldn’t have any trouble, but otherwise, you may need to buy supplementary products.

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8 Best Tent Cleaners Available To Buy TODAY! (2024)
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