Can it be false positive? (2024)


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Pregnant for the first time

Hi all!One week ago I’ve done a few pregnancy tests, which got me super confused. The first two were negative at first and positive after about an hour (could be evap lines, but I heard that those are not so dark?) and I’ve also done 2 digitals (clearblue weeks) which came back not pregnant but when I opened them there were 3 lines (I know you shouldn’t do this but I’ve heard some were false negatives).After all this, I’ve had my period which was normal-heavy flow for the first 2 days and light until day 5-6. I’m super confused now if the tests were ever actually positive 😅Anyone who’s had a similar experience?

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  • Can it be false positive? (9)

    Posted 04-06-24

    Avoid clear blue.. they are awful for giving evaps/dye runs... seen it many times over the last 6 years when I've been a member on here. Also never read a test after the time frame as evaps can happen.. and yes they can be dark. I've had it happen with a pink dye test half hour after the time frame... really dark pink and definitely wasn't pregnant. The lines on your test look too thin.. they should be thicker if it was a real positive. Also on the digitals you shouldn't take them apart as I think they'll always have lines on as they work completely different. As you've had a period I'd say you wasn't pregnant and the digitals were correct. Best to avoid any blue dye tests.. especially clear blue as they aren't reliable at all. Stick with pink dye tests. Always read within the time frame aswell and then throw away. Digitals aren't sensitive so I always use them after I've got a nice line on a normal test to confirm in writing and see how many weeks roughly x

  • p

    ptpt123 Original Poster

    Posted 04-06-24

    Curlywurlz said:

    Avoid clear blue.. they are awful for giving evaps/dye runs... seen it…

    Also forgot to mention my period was about 8 days late which never really happensI was thinking to get a blood test and see if anything actually shows?

  • Can it be false positive? (12)

    Posted 04-06-24

    ptpt123 said:

    Also forgot to mention my period was about 8 days late which never rea…

    Sometimes our bodies can do strange things. You might have ovulated later than you thought, maybe ovulation tried to happen but didn't and tried again. There's lots of different reasons why a period can be late or missed. But as you've had a period and negative tests.. I would say your not pregnant this month. No harm in testing again but might be waste of money and more stress on yourself x

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Can it be false positive? (13)

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Can it be false positive? (14)

Can it be false positive? (2024)
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